Benefits to Our Community

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Prospective Community Building. This graphic does not reflect confirmed design plans!

We Will:

  • Generate a significant source of tax revenue for Upper Allen Township
  • Create hundreds of jobs; According to an economic impact study conducted by the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation, Oakwood Hills is estimated to create approximately 875 full-time employment positions and generate $41,561,852 in labor income 
  • Offer quality, upscale housing options to residents of the community
  • Ensure superior construction and aesthetically pleasing design that the township and residents are accustomed to from projects in the immediate area
  • Carefully consider and select the businesses and organizations that lease our property
  • Maintain an uncommonly large percentage of untouched green space in our land development plan
  • Employ the latest techniques in sustainability and will pursue grants for initiatives that preserve the ecology of the area
  • Consider green space as a laboratory for faculty and students in regards to environmental and sustainability experiments and studies
  • Hire local businesses including consulting firms, construction companies, architectural firms, supply companies and law firms
  • Create a beautiful walking/hiking trail for public use
  • Include nearly 1 mile of well-lit sidewalks
  • Employ a water management system that will address any existing farmland water run-off issues currently afflicting adjacent neighbors
  • Utilize conference center and applicable businesses such as medical facilities as learning environments for area college students as it applies to their areas of study
  • Create a park-like setting for all to enjoy

Oakwood Hills

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