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Rider Musser Development understands the importance of being transparent with the residents of Upper Allen Township, and we are committed to providing detailed, factually-based answers to all questions and concerns as they pertain to the proposed Oakwood Hill site.

Since the announcement of the Oakwood Hills Development Project, we have received a variety of questions pertaining to the build and its immediate and long-term impacts to Upper Allen Township and its residents.
Please review the answers to your questions as they are in conjunction with the current status of the Oakwood Hills Development Project.

Question: “Based on your previous update, can we still expect the apartment rentals to be upscale?”

Answer: Yes! Rider Musser Development ensures the superior construction and aesthetically pleasing designs that Upper Allen Township residents have come to expect and appreciate from current projects in the area. The proposed Oakwood Hills Apartments will be one of the largest communities in the market area with extensive, upscale features and amenities including:

• 1 and 2 bedroom garden-style models
• 8-10 foot ceilings
• Stainless steel & energy efficient appliances
• Spacious walk-in closets in master bedrooms
• Patios and balconies
• Pendant lighting
• Simulated wood flooring
• Detached parking garages
• Garbage disposal
• Upscale community amenities (Salt Water Pool, Club House, Walking Trails, Fitness Center, Cyber Café, Game Room, Picnic Areas, Park, Dog Park and more!)

Question: “How will the upcoming build affect existing water run-off issues currently affecting the adjacent neighbors?”

Answer: Rider Musser Development aims to satisfy the adjacent neighbors and land owners that are in close proximity with the Oakwood Hills Development. Stormwater is collected into a management system through terracing the site, curbing streets and parking areas and introducing grassed swales.  Stormwater is then conveyed via storm sewers and swales to one of 8 management basins scattered throughout the site to treat runoff close to the source.  These basins provide infiltration and control rate in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.  Perimeter swales are also provided to divert runoff away from adjacent properties.

rider musser berm plan

In order to manage storm water runoff, a berm will be implemented on the sloping area of the site (as shown in the graphic) to eliminate runoff by capturing, retaining, directing, and infiltrating volume control for stormwater flows.

Question: “Can current home owners in Upper Allen Township enjoy the communal attractions being offered at Oakwood Hills?”

Answer: Certain amenities including the fitness and community center, swimming pool, playground, a small park for dogs, and a picnic/grilling area will only be available for residents of Oakwood Hills. However, spacious walking and hiking trails will be open for use by the general public.

Question: “How can we be sure traffic generated from the proposed development will not use Bumble Bee Hollow Neighborhood as a ‘cut-thru’ to get to the area of SR 0114 (Market Street) and Bumble Bee Hollow Road?”

Answer: In response to the concerns of the Bumble Bee Hollow Neighborhood residents, a “NO RIGHT TURN SIGN” has been proposed on the North Site Access (Oakwood Drive) approach to Mill Road to prohibit traffic from heading north on Mill Road. For more traffic projections, please review our Trip Comparison Report for the Oakwood Hills Site.

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