Rider Musser Development, LLC is a land development company dedicated to developing beautiful, sustainable and safe environments for business and residential communities. Our work will center around our strategic imperatives and core principles, and our developments will be known as premier places to live, work, relax and enjoy.


During the past few months, we have elicited input and feedback from township officials, neighbors and the community regarding the proposed Oakwood Hills land development plan.  In light of constructive comments and some apparent design challenges that were brought to our attention, we have chosen to withdraw the plan temporarily to give us ample time to revisit, rework and enhance the overall design.  Although changes and adjustments could have been made as we continue the process with the Upper Allen Township Planning Commission, we want to be respectful of their time. We realize that continued meetings and hearings on this matter would require time, attention and resources.  Therefore, we will take the next few months to make several modifications that best accommodate the interests of the community and our stakeholders before submitting the plan once again to the Township for review.

Our Three Strategic Imperatives

Our Seven Core Principles

  1. Honesty and Transparency…will always be our hallmark.
  2. Customer Satisfaction…will be a top priority.
  3. Continuous Improvement…will help us overcome the mistakes we will make.
  4. Environmentally Aware…designs, development and policies will be our goal.
  5. Decisive Action…will be a key characteristic of our company and board.
  6. Positive and Uplifting…living, work and office environments and policies will be enacted.
  7. Local and Regional Vendors…will be preferred.